Why Us

  1. All of the projects we have done regardless of industry sector or client company size, or even project scope have One thing in common – the ultimate target goal for creation of new business opportunities, sustainable growth, or a more efficient way of doing business. It is answering the 1M dollar question what is Next, where to play and how to play. Therefore, when we work with any data we are looking at it through the Lens Of Opportunities. For us data is not just statistics or numbers, but a discovery of white spaces for growth through market-driven, technology-based innovation. Data is everywhere, explanation is rare. We focus on explanation and actionable knowledge. 

  2. We are immersed in current market developments, industry changes, technology breakthroughs, marketing strategies and consumer trends. We are constantly monitoring the marketplace for microtrends and weak signals of changes that might have a big business potential. Continuous monitoring of “blue sky”, innovators and competitors for active discovery of emerging technologies, disruptors, and key enablers with high commercial potential. So, we have a lot of intimate Knowledge and Expertise across different industrial segments and are able to do cross- pollination learning across adjacent industries. 

  3. We work globally and can leverage the best practices from different geographical markets.
  4. We have developed our own proprietary text-mining tool – Searching Platform based on the self-learning smart algorithms that allow us not only to efficiently search the open web, but also discover hidden relevance in unexpected marketplaces outside the client operations. We have built and continue to build a Knowledge Tree to establish connections between facts, their interdependence and to help us connect the dots.
  5. We have an active network of researchers from around the world and can tap into their wisdom. 

  • Pro-active discovery of new technologies, pre-commercial science and potential partners (“fuzzy front end”) – who, what, where, and when
  • Efficient information search with a proprietary self-learning text mining platform
  • Combined primary and secondary research
  • Systemic technology strategy from opportunity discovery to technology deployment
  • Synergetic combination of technology, market and business analyses – how and why – transforming complex information into actionable advice
  • Broad industry, technology and market experience and deep understanding and across many disciplines, technologies and sciences
  • Double technology evaluation: passive ranking and active due diligence at provider sites to de-risk investments
  • Broad content sources: public domains, subscription databases
  • Objective, unbiased actionable insights based on qualitative and quantitative inputs
  • Competitive pricing, affordable customized projects and fast delivery
  • Broad global network of experts in developed and emerging markets
  • Co-creation/co-invention of new technologies/products
  • High ethical standards and accountability