Translating Emerging Technology into Business Opportunity

Zophia Consulting developed a systemic approach for technology value creation which delivers an action plan starting from discovery of new technologies to their implementation in the client organization.
Our value proposition is based on a unique combination of discovery of technological opportunities, evaluation and testing of target technologies, and planning for new technology deployment.

Our Technology Strategy Approach

1. New Places To Play

Opportunity Discovery

  • Global search for emerging technologies and pre-commercial science with a high market potential
  • Efficient proprietary search platform for screening an open Web and private databases
  • Combined primary and secondary research

Opportunity Evaluation

  • Technology value analysis, market intelligence
  • Technology selection (ranking potential technologies and providers)

Opportunity Due Diligence

  • Testing technologies at provider sites: assessment of technological benefits and limitations
  • IP analysis
  • Assessment of materials,
    processes, costs, regulations, suppliers, market potential, end applications, consumers
  • Communication facilitation

2. How To Play

Technology Deployment

  • Fit Analysis – technology compatibility with client’s manufacturing processes, strategy, core competences
  • Gap Analysis – required resources, cost analysis, timing

Technology Commercialization

  • Technology scaling–up: resources, equipment, materials, processes, regulations, budget targets
  • Building an ecosystem of suppliers and providers

In addition, to technology strategy, Zophia offers competitive intelligence, technology monitoring, and consumer/technology trending.