Growth Opportunity Discovery

Making Information Actionable

In knowledge- and research-intensive sectors with the high dynamics of the technology evolution it is almost impossible for companies to be aware of every technical development or breakthrough on a global scale. It is even more unrealistic to keep track and understand the relevant technical advances in other non-adjacent technological areas due to prohibitive requirements for knowledge capabilities that are outside of the boundaries of the internal resources.

A winning growth strategy is based on the systematic utilization of new external innovation and the expansion of R&D capabilities.

Zophia’s Growth Opportunity Discovery process is designed to help our clients with the early detection of emerging technologies and pre-commercial science, both of which can have a high market potential and significant business impact.

Learn to anticipate emerging changes, mitigate potential threats, and leverage new business opportunities by:

  • Utilizing global technology scouting and intelligence to screen for new emerging and disruptive technologies, business models, partnerships and market applications that can bring you game-changing business opportunities for sustainable growth.
  • Detecting early emergence of disruptive technologies that will eventually drive innovation to new products, improve performance of existing products, and encourage sustainable growth in new markets.
  • Discovering critical advancements across multiple industries and technical areas, as well as hidden relevancies and imperceptible connections in a growing stream of emerging technologies.
  • De-risking opportunities to avoid the costly mistake of developing a product that is predestined for early obsolescence.
  • Gaining actionable insights relevant to the client’s business strategy through the translation of the vastly complex external developments and dynamic changes in multidisciplinary science & technology.