Who We Are

Zophia Consulting™ offers a revolutionary approach to innovation that can help you achieve breakthrough product and market opportunities.

The face of innovation has changed dramatically over the past decade. While great strides have undoubtedly been achieved, the current methods for innovation process and strategy development are still merely incremental additions to the traditional R&D approach. Everyone seems to have access to the same information these days, so what will set you apart from your competitors?

Our Technology-driven Growth Opportunity approach takes you beyond the latest advancements in traditional and open innovation. We provide you with a unique and holistic view of emerging technologies and business models that can help you manage risk, and create new market and product opportunities in segments you never imagined. We also look at your internal processes and culture to ensure that you are utilizing your innovation talent to its full potential.

Zophia’s integrated approach investigates not only what opportunities exist, but equally as important, we examine why. We integrate all of the moving parts within your current markets, and in other, unconventional markets, to create a clear picture of your company’s best opportunities. Our unique ability to provide deep-dive science and technology assessments and incorporate them into your strategic business initiatives clearly sets us apart from all other strategy and innovation service providers.