Technology Due Diligence

De-risking Investment Choices

When you acquire a new company or technology, are you truly aware of the full market potential it possesses?

Zophia Consulting’s due diligence process is extremely effective because we combine a deep-dive technology assessment with a comprehensive market analysis. Our intimate understanding of the technology under consideration is based on our experience, as well as the exposure to the target company’s processes, culture and management through on-site visits, interviews and meetings.

Additionally, this approach will expedite the acquisition and absorption of the target company, generate new innovative approaches and provide immediate in-roads into new markets.

Acquiring or investing in a new technology or business is by nature a complex and risky process.

Let us minimize the risk by:

  • Selecting best fit emerging technologies with the highest long-term growth potential and product differentiation capabilities.
  • Assessing the target technology benefits and limitations through on-site testing/evaluation of selected technologies in the provider’s organizations.
  • Cross-pollinating ideas outside the client’s domain to highlight new market opportunities that could also identify new disruptive market opportunities.
  • Conducting a broad-spectrum market analysis to project each capability into simulated existing and new market scenarios.
  • Evaluating technological buoyancy and resilience of the target business along with key issues, implications and solutions to mitigate risks.
  • Performing Gap and Fit Analysis of the targeted company and technology to determine:
    • Compatibility with Client’s Manufacturing Processes
    • Uniqueness and Merits of the Technology
    • Core Competences of Development Team
    • Required Resources
    • Cost Analysis
    • Scale-up Potential
    • IP Status and Strength
    • Risks of Obsolescence
    • Long-Term Growth Foresight
    • Commercialization Potential
    • Time-to-Market