Competitive Intelligence

Competing on Knowledge

Understanding today’s competitive landscape does not necessarily shed light on tomorrow’s emerging threats. New companies and intellectual property are being created every day that could potentially cause a disruption in your market space. Realizing new and emerging technologies and business models before they are productized can allow you to seize an early-market advantage, or avoid buying the proverbial “bridge to nowhere.”

Zophia’s Competitive Intelligence approach can deliver an ongoing intelligence stream as a strong defense against untimely product obsolescence and risks caused by an evolving business environment, while revealing emerging opportunities in primary and axillary markets ahead of the competition.

Learn to anticipate changes rather than react to the rising problems by:

  • Gathering data through primary and secondary research methods on competitors and the competitive environment including:
    • Changes in Competitive Technologies and Processes
    • R&D Directions
    • IP Filing
    • Partnerships
    • Suppliers
    • New Products/Services
    • New Market and Business Strategies
  • Assessing and interpreting relevant information through various analytical techniques in order to provide intelligence and actionable insights closely related to the client’s present and future strategy.
  • Preempting threats and leveraging opportunities based on early warnings from intelligence insights that serve as business triggers.