Technology Trending and Foresight

Keeping Ahead of the Crowd

Understanding the emerging science and technology trends that could impact your new strategic plans can help you make the right decision at the right time.

In today’s information overload, it is difficult to recognize weak signals of disruptive changes, subtle developments of strategic importance, and emerging shifts in critical technologies, especially when they are beyond the company’s primary domain.

Through Zophia’s Technology Trending approach, you will be able to see who the likely key players are projected in your market space. This service is designed to act as an early warning system for micro-trends that could impact the company’s future plans and priorities.

Stimulate the internal innovation process and work to embrace a culture of continual learning and adapting through:

  • Environmental analyses and insights into how non-technical factors, such as regulatory, social, political and consumer trends, can influence the developmental path of new technologies.
  • Periodic trending updates that will give you new insights on technical alternatives and business triggers important to your long-term business strategy.
  • Detailed trends analyses that will provide you with simulated outcomes of various product development scenarios based on technologies likely to be available.
  • Evaluation and ranking against your strategic drivers that will provide you with the information necessary to either make the right investment, or bring an early end to an investment likely not to bring success.
  • Ongoing focused monitoring to closely follow technologies that shape new trends, from exploratory stages until the readiness level reaches market potential.