Growth Opportunity Discovery
Identifying growth opportunity based on discovery of emerging and disruptive technologies matching business strategic goals. Find out more
Technology Due Diligence
De-risking investment decisions through comprehensive assessment of technical merits and market potential of target technologies. Find out more
Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking
Assessing competitive landscape and identifying business opportunities and white spaces in unobvious markets. Find out more
Technology Trending and Foresight
Real-time monitoring of innovations, technical and business developments. Identification and analysis of technology and market trends across multiple industries. Find out more

Zophia Consulting is a research and technology strategy firm helping clients through open innovation discover game-changing business opportunities based on emerging technologies and market insights.

  • We deliver actionable insights and early warnings of external technical developments that represent potential business opportunities or threats.
  • Our recommendations are objective, unbiased, and based on qualitative and quantitative inputs.
  • All projects are fully customizable with fast delivery and competitive pricing.


Game-changing business opportunities are rarely achieved through incremental, competition-focused strategies. Zophia’s systems-based approach can transform your core capabilities and hidden assets into new product, market and business model breakthroughs.


Too many strategic bets are placed on insight that focuses only on current market activity, ignoring the disruptive power of technology.   Zophia’s deep-dive technology assessment and market intelligence closely examines the impacts that new and emerging technologies would have on your business.


Innovation decisions are often made by a closed group of executives with limited outside knowledge. Zophia’s innovation planning methodology helps you identify latent markets, technologies and partnerships that represent new product, service and market opportunities for growth.